Frequently Asked Questions:

Vtiger MailChimp Integration

Frequently Asked Questions for Vtiger Mailchimp Integration:

How to fix “Permission to perform this operation denied for name problem” error?

  • The problem is due to the missing entries in the vtiger_ws_entity table in your database.
  • Check whether the module entries are inserted in the vtiger_ws_entity table. (MODULES – VTMailChimpLists, VTMailChimp, VTMailChimpGroups, VTMailChimpGroupings)
  • If not, take the backup copy of your vtiger database.
  • Add required entries in your database by running below query.

insert into vtiger_ws_entity (name,handler_path,handler_class,ismodule)


How to uninstall the installed Vtiger MailChimp?

If you want to uninstall the package after 15 days of trial and the package installed in the wrong domain, then follow the simple procedures listed below.

  • Before follow the uninstallation procedure. First take the backup copy of your instance. 
  • Copy  the attached file and paste  in your Vtiger CRM root folder.
  • Run the following the URL in browser (http://yourcrmaddrss/moduledelete.php)
  • Remove the following folders manually in your CRM.
    • yourcrm/modules/VTMailChimp
    • yourcrm/modules/VTMailChimpGroupings
    • yourcrm/modules/VTMailChimpGroups
    • yourcrm/modules/VTMailChimpLists
    • yourcrm/Smarty/templates/modules/VTMailChimp
    • yourcrm/Smarty/templates/modules/VTMailChimpLists
  • Remove the workflows manually. Go to settings → Workflow
    • Add/Remove Contacts from/to MailChimp Lists
    • Add Contacts to MailChimp Lists on First Save
    • Add/Remove Accounts from/to MailChimp Lists
    • Add Accounts to MailChimp Lists on First Save
    • Add/Remove Leads from/to MailChimp Lists
    • Add Leads to MailChimp Lists on First Save
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