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Vtiger HR Management Solution

Product version 1.0

Your Employee info, leaves & hiring process all in one place from your Vtiger CRM.

  • Maintain your employee leave and work time effectively.
  • Define your own leave types and holiday list for the employees.
  • Encash or carry over the employee lapsing leaves.
  • Specify the number of leave days for each leave types.
  • Manage all your employee details in one place.
  • Built-in recruitment module to easily maintain all your Candidate information, Job profile, Interview details and more.
  • Employee self service portal to empower your employees with a separate portal to access their own information.

A Complete HRM & Recruitment system

Employee Management

Manage all your employee info from the date of hiring to retire in one unified window.

Leave Management

Hassle free & simplified year end calculations of your employee leaves.

Employee Recruitment

Find out the ideal candidate for your organisation & streamline your entire hiring process.


Effectively Manage your Employee Time Off

Create your Leave Type
  • Customise your employee leave types based on your company’s leave policy.
  • Add your own leave types and make exception to individual employees.
  • Easy to categorise each leave type in terms of Entitlement, Carry Forward and Quantum of leaves.
  • Empower your employee to view the summary of their leave balances for the current period.
Share your Holiday List
  • Different locations have distinct festive seasons.
  • Prepare your company holiday list based on your location.
  • Recursively use the holiday list that are common for all the years.
  • Easily send the holiday list to your employees as well.
  • Set the limit of number of holidays for your employees.
Define your Work Week
  • Efficiently manage the list of working & non-working days of the week based on your company’s work week.
  • Easy to create annual leave period for your employees.
  • Better visualise your employee leave records with the status like Approved or Pending.

Organise your entire employee info

Extensive Employee Details
  • Efficiently maintain your employee profile with additional information like experience, education, training & emergency info.
  • Assign every employee to an specific group with the related details.
  • You can easily monitor your employees with rich information.
  • Add dependency information about your employees in case of emergency.
Employee Self Service
  • Empower your employees by giving them access to maintain their own records.
  • Helps employees to visualize their profiles, leave balances and make changes to their information.
  • Provides access with the notification along with the credentials like SiteURL & Password.

Extend your Hiring Process

Focus on Interview process
  • Support the complete system of hiring process by managing the candidates job postings, candidate list and interview types.
  • Post job vacancies in your organisation and describes available positions, qualifications, skills, experience, etc.
  • Maintain your interview rounds and its description with more secure.
Track your Candidates
  • Schedule the interview for every applicant individually with the interview rounds and the venue details with an interviewer.
  • You can easily receive and manage your applicant resumes instantly.
  • Evaluate their skills and send the status of the job request through mail.
  • Review your candidate’s profile according to your needs.

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