A Complete HRM & Recruitment system

Effectively Manage your Employee Time Off

Maintain your employee leave and work time effectively. Vtiger HRM allows you to define your own leave types and holiday list for the employees. Also let you to encash or carry over the employee lapsing leaves. You can also specify the number of leave days for each leave types. Easily process all your period end calculations.

Create your Leave Type

Based on your company’s leave policy you can customise employee leave types. You can add your own leave types and make exception to individual employees. Employee can view the summary of their leave balances for the current period. You can also categorise each leave type in terms of Entitlement, Carry Forward and Quantum of leaves.



Share your Holiday List

Many different locations have a distinct festive location. You can prepare your company holiday list based on your wish. Recursively use the holiday list that are common for all the years. You can send the holiday list for your employees for better convenient. You can also set the limit of number of holidays for your employees.

Define your Work Week

Manage the list of working & non-working days of the week based on your company’s work week. Helps you to create annual leave period for your employees. You can also visualise the leave records of your employee with the status like Approved or Pending.


Organise your entire employee info

Easily manage your entire employee records from the date of hire to retire. You can securely maintain all your employee details like skills, experience and much more. Hinder the growth of your business as well as employees with accurate and updated records. You can also mail your employees individually based on your needs. Update and access additional info about your employees on single unified window.

Extensive Employee Details

Efficiently maintain your employee profile with additional information like experience, education, training & emergency info. You can assign every employee to an specific group with the related details. It helps you to monitor your employees with rich information. Also add dependency information about your employees in case of emergency.



Employee Self Service

Empower your employees by giving them access to maintain their own records. Helps employees to visualize their profiles, leave balances and make changes to their information. It provides access with the notification along with the credentials like SiteURL & Password. With this you can reduce time consumption for both employees & managers.

Extend your Hiring Process

Optimise and streamline your entire hiring process with Vtiger HRM. Within a single recruitment module, you can easily maintain all your Candidate information, Job profile, Interview details and more. It helps you to find the ideal candidate for your job with its features.

Focus on Interview process

Support the complete system of hiring process by managing the candidates job postings, candidate list and interview types. You can post job vacancies in your organisation and describes available positions, qualifications, skills and experience etc ,. Maintain your interview rounds and its description with more secure.



Track your Candidates

Schedule the interview for every applicant individually with the interview rounds and the venue details with an interviewer. You can also receive and manage your applicant resumes instantly. Evaluate their skills and send the status of the job request through mail. Review your candidate’s profile according to your needs.



  • Leave Management
  • Manage employee Core Info
  • Hiring information management
  • Supports Vtiger CRM 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
  • Licensed for a single domain
  • Requires ionCube loader 4.4 or higher