Vtiger CRM Compatibility : 7*

Vibe Mobile App For Vtiger CRM

App version 1.3

Get all your CRM works done on the fly. Experience the faster and easier way to access your Vtiger CRM.

  • Turns any iOS and Android devices as your Vtiger CRM.
  • Access both Default & custom CRM module information.
  • Spot your client location on Maps in just a single tap.
  • Initiate calls or send email or message right from your mobile app.
  • Plan & prioritize all your activities with a built-in calendar.
  • Quick search of your CRM data with filters and sorting.
  • Get access to all the related details for each of your records.

Sell on the go with Vibe for Vtiger CRM

Reactive designs

More optimal viewing experience, no matter what type of device you are using.

View it in your own way

Experience a smooth transition on both portrait and landscape mode of device orientations.

CRM on handy devices

Keep your CRM within your reach & get instant access from any iOS and Android devices.

Why to choose Vibe for Vtiger CRM

Being able to access our CRM, even when we’re away the desk is the choice of most mobile sales reps and this can be done with any mobile CRM. Yet what makes Vibe so different from other Vtiger mobile apps?

Vibe offers you a unique set of features that lets you manage all your business process while you’re on the move. For this, Vibe Mobile App is engineered with a new enhanced API to overcome certain limitations of the default Vtiger mobile API.

Vibe Mobile App for Vtiger CRM Pro

  • Work offline with full create, edit or update functionality
  • Star a record to bookmark for quick reference.
  • Increase productivity with opportunity forecast report.
  • Spot nearby client's location on Map in single tap.
  • Quick global search of your CRM data with filters and sorting.

Try Premium Features at just $30!

With Vibe Mobile App for Vtiger CRM Pro, get extended access to your Vtiger CRM from your Android & iOS devices.

CRM On the go

Empower your sales team to take their Vtiger CRM wherever they go


Complete view

Get complete picture of your Vtiger CRM both default and custom data right from your iOS & Android devices


Connect with your clients

Easily find out your prospects locations on google maps in just a tap while you’re on the road for client meeting


Locate your prospects

Easily find out your prospects locations on google maps in just a tap while you’re on the road for client meeting


Better insight on sales

Easy to monitor, analyze your sales team performance while you’re on the move


Know your schedule

Access your Vtiger CRM calendar and get to know about all your schedules from your mobile.


Data Filters

Discover the CRM information with advanced search filters



Highlighed Features

Your sales on the go
  • It’s impossible for salespeople to work only from their desk every time. As they have to deal with different client meetings, attending events or any other work
  • At any time they may need to access the CRM information.
  • With a Mobile CRM, you can equip your sales rep to carry & access the customer information wherever you mov
Access both default and custom modules
  • With the native iOS and Android Apps, you can easily access the complete CRM information.
  • Not just the default module info alone, you can also view, access, add, edit or delete any custom modules info of your Vtiger CRM.
Get directions to your client’s location
  • Your clients are everywhere and not all their places is a well known one, but not a problem anymore.
  • Just open your mobile CRM, access the client record info, single tap on the map option to get directions to your client’s locations instantly.
Communicate from anywhere
  • Time is everything in sales.
  • The right communication at the right time with your prospects can help salespeople to close more deals.
  • With the mobile app, you can make calls, send an email or even a small message to client’s right from your Smartphone.
Monitor your sales performance
  • Monitor your sales performance
  • Better visualize your sales and Lead opportunities in one single view.
  • Analyze your sales trends and take quality decisions even when you’re away from your office.
Seize your day with an Agile planner
  • Never miss any of your important events whether it may be personal or official.
  • With the smart to-do widget right inside your pocket, you can efficiently plan and track all your day-to-day task and never let any business opportunity to pass by.
  • You can view the complete Vtiger CRM info inside your mobile phone.
Filter data you’re looking for
  • Finding it difficult to get the data you’re looking for.
  • Easily discover the data through different search filters and record sorting.
  • You can sort the data based on latest, oldest, ascending and descending order of alphabets.
Stay on loop
  • Just having access to the basic record information will no longer give you a clear picture of it.
  • With Vibe for Vtiger CRM, gain complete access to your CRM info.
  • View all the related records associated with a particular record.

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