CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.1-6.1.5.*

SugarCRM MailChimp Integration

Eliminate the manual import and export process with the help of the SugarCRM MailChimp Integration module. SugarCRM MailChimp syncs data in two ways and shows email campaigns complete insight inside the CRM.

Automate the process with this extension, boost your salesman's productivity and relieve their stress.

Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)


Keep your mailing lists up-to-date
  • Bidirectionally synchronization of SugarCRM Lead, Contact and Account information to MailChimp mailing lists.
  • All the data synchronization process are done using secured Mailchimp API.
  • With SugarCRM MailChimp Integration, you can easily maintain your campaign mailing list up-to-date without any dual entry process.
  • Add workflows inside CRM and create own rules to add/update, delete lists or campaigns in Mailchimp.
Campaign analytics inside CRM
All or selective record sync
  • Newly integrating your SugarCRM and MailChimp, then sync all your existing information in one go.
  • Use selective sync to sync only the particular records from Vtiger CRM to email marketing tool MailChimp.
Automatic data synchronization
  • SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration lets you define your own conditions to sync SugarCRM mailing lists to Mailchimp.
  • Choose a specific time interval and automatically run the data sync. Also lets you define how often to run the sync between your Mailchimp and SugarCRM.
Audit sync logs
  • Get a quick glance of all your sync process in one unified window.
  • Gives you both the success and failure result along with the reason for the synchronization failure.

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