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Change is GOOD

Monotonous life is boring. It will be good to have a new CMS or a CRM for a change.

Wordpress Integrations

Migrate your website, have responsive design along with continuous SEO monitoring to take your website to the next level.

Need an Upgrade

Teams grow in size and so do the requirements. Add new features to your existing tools.

CRM Customizations

Customize your CRM with latest technology integrations which help Marketing team to perform well on what they do best.

Have a Problem?

Generic Solution won’t solve all problems. Tell your problem, we can built something for you.

HRM and Payroll Solutions

Managing employee details and Payroll management is a tough task for any HR team, but not anymore with we at your side.

Why Choose Us?

People around the world choose us. Find out why you want to choose us.

Bug-free Service

We always follow Quality motto “Delivering Bug-free services”. We can guarantee you our projects will be 100% Bug-free.

Transparent Pricing

We charge at an affordable $17 per hour for development over PHP. Estimates on the projects will be transparently shared to you. Prices will vary for non PHP Projects.

Complete support

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We make sure the customer deploy the solution and make it to the best of its usage.

Passionate Team

Passionate people create great experience. Our expertise help us analyse the requirement in depth from your perspective to deliver the best product.

We are Experts in

Customize your WordPress Ecommerce site into a new and responsive one.

CMS solutions

We have in-depth experience on these platforms and will dive depths to fulfill your needs.

  • Website design, development, migration, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Ecommerce website security and SEO monitoring.
  • CMS, Plugins and themes customizations.

CRM solutions

CRM need varies from domain to domain. We provide you with features which automates anything in your CRM work.

  • CRM customization, Modules and Themes development.
  • CRM maintenance and support.
  • Integration with any other business / productivity application.

HRM and Payroll solutions

Automation is happening everywhere and the traditionally HR Process is dead. We can help you enhance your HRM solution or can customize open source HRM as per your need.

  • Payroll Module to manage employee payments.
  • Premium HRM module to Vtiger CRM.
  • OrangeHRM customization, plugins integration and theme development.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing shows rapid growth in the software Industry and is gaining more importance and popularity.

  • Setup Cloud Computing environment.
  • Storage maintenance, security and monitoring.

Mobile App Services

Technology have developed much over the years, everyone in the world has a smart phone and can access anything with it.

  • Develop, manage and maintain Android Apps.
  • Customization, integration and Other platform configuration for Apps.

Telephony Integration

Every CRM has its own unique features and Telephony integration with CRM will increase your Sales.

  • Integrate CRM with Telephony.
  • Connects all the system in network to telephony.
  • Install, maintain and support Asterisk.

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