WordPress Plugins


WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is used to import data into WordPress. You can import Posts, Pages, Custom Post types, Comments, Categories, eShop, WooCommerce, Users and so on.


WP Leads Builder for CRM

WP Leads Builder For CRM is a common WordPress plugin that can handle Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Vtiger CRM and SugarCRM to capture or build leads directly…

WP Helpdesk Integration

WP Helpdesk Integration

Echo Sign plugin is a simple integration of Adobe e-signature Echo Sign features to your wordpress. Plugin used to send PDF to users to get their electronic signature or details from user/receiver. Then User can send mail to any users to get sign or details.


Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce has the predesigned email templates for defined order statuses. You can customize the predesigned templates easier.

Vtiger CRM Modules


Vtiger 6 Google Calendar Sync (Bi Directional)

Google Calendar Sync powers bi way synchronization between Vtiger CRM 6.0 calendar and Google Calendar in real time. Now it is easy to sync and manage your events…


Xero Vtiger CRM 6.0 Integration

Xero Vtiger CRM Integration module helps you to sync your Contacts, Products, Invoice, Accounts and Receipts. Accounts and Receipts are single way synchronization where user can fetch records from Xero alone.


Vtiger CRM MailChimp Integration

Vtiger MailChimp Sync is a powerful premium module for Vtiger CRM to sync your MailChimp Email Marketing account. Vtiger MailChimp Module provides access to connect, manage and sync your mailchimp.


Vtiger HR Management Payroll Solution

Vtiger CRM HRMS is a combination of both Vtiger HRM module and Vtiger Payroll module. This extension is an all in one Human Resource Management and Payroll Solution for Vtiger CRM.


Vtiger CRM QuickBooks Integration Module (Online)

Vtiger QuickBooks Integration Module integrates your Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks Online account. QBTiger helps you to sync your Contacts, Vendors, Products, Quotes…


Vtiger Payments

This module is used to payment needs within Vtiger CRM itself without switching away to and forth. Integration will be made to Vtiger wide modules, for now the feature support is added sales and inorder.


Vtiger Manage Duplicates-Check & Merge

Vtiger Manage Duplicates-Check & Merge merge multiple instances of duplicate records automatically via cron at regular interval of time based on the input fields and mapping saved by the user.


Vtiger 6 Login Page Customization Module

Smack Vtiger Login page enables to change the look and feel of vtiger login screen in simple configuration steps. It gives a fancy appearance for the login page.

Smart Address Lookup

Smart Address Lookup

Smart Address Lookup improves productivity by reducing the effort involved in filling complete address of the client by salesman across any module by autofill option with the help of Google Places suggest API.

Smart Address Lookup

Smart Checklist

Smart Checklist enables to manage your CRM workflow by creating unique checklists for each entity modules. The checklist will help you ensure that the Salesman has completed all the listed task before the particular record is moved to a different module.

Vtiger Duplicate Check

Vtiger Duplicate Check

Vtiger Duplicate Check helps you to keep your CRM data clean. It checks for duplicates at the instant of field filling. You can choose the fields that need to alert on duplicates.



Magento Vtiger Bidirectional Synchronization

Magento Vtiger Bidirectional Connector allows to sync and transfer data automatically in bidirectional way from Magento stores into Vtiger CRM and vise versa.

Suite CRM Module


QuickBooks Suite CRM Integration

QuickBooks Suite CRM helps you to sync your Contacts, Products, Quotes and Invoices. It is bidirectional synchronization. which can sync from both sides.


Sugar CRM Module


SugarCRM MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration module can handle to sync your MailChimp Lists, Contacts and Accounts to Modules. You can easily sync, edit, save and+ manage your Contacts from SugarCRM


Payroll Management

Payroll for Orange HRM

HR Payroll Management Plugin will counter all your needs and requirements in managing process of payroll in hr with ease and simplicity. Payroll was designed keeping the unique, universal, multi national.


Vtiger HR Management Payroll Solution

Vtiger CRM HRMS is a combination of both Vtiger HRM module and Vtiger Payroll module. This extension is an all in one Human Resource Management and Payroll Solution for Vtiger CRM.




Service Package for Customization and Development

Open source platforms such as Vtiger CRM, Magento, WordPress, and more. We provide quality, and development for services.


Upgrade Package for Premium Products

Users can extend their upgrade subscription period for their purchased Pro Product safter One Year Free Upgrade period from below order form


Post Purchase Product Installation Service

Post purchase installation support add on for any products that are already available in Smack store. Customers purchasing a product can get it now.