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In today’s digital world, the popularity of the internet has prompted business all over the world to have an online presence in the form of a website. And eCommerce makes this easy and possible for business owners. It offers an ideal way to take your brand from a brick and mortar store to online. The best thing about this is buying options are quick and convenient. As a result, more no. of retailers are increasingly looking for modern technology to promote their business.

Smackcoders developed an enterprise level furniture eCommerce website, where people can buy and sell furniture. The client approached us with an idea to build a website that connects potential furniture buyers and sellers online. The website lets the sellers showcase their works and allows buyers to choose the product of their choice.

Our Approach

Rather than going with a traditional website, we decided and tried a new approach of offering the crucial information right on the homepage by segregating everything with different sections. Also, we introduced the seller module, that allows sellers to add their own works and helps the potential buyers to contact the sellers via the website to order their uniquely designed furniture.

Due to NDA we haven’t revealed the original website images, just showcased the sample designs.


Home Page overview

The home page gives a quick overview of the entire site ensures easy navigation for users based on their needs. It lets customers search the products based on different products, sellers, brands or they can search a product of their choice using the search option.


We have used different sliders in the home page which showcases bundled offers, popular products, new arrivals, products based on your home style, and products based on specific brands. This allows customers to easily choose their preferred brand and style.

Product Detail Page

This product detail page is designed to convert browsers to buyers. It includes the below features:


Seller Registration Page

As per the client’s requirement, we’ve created a fast and easy system for sellers to get started. The flexible system makes it easy for sellers to get involved and start posting their works. We made it simple so that anyone can easily set up the account without any paper forms.

Sellers Portfolio Page

This page allows potential sellers to add all their works and products. Further, the buyers can easily contact the professional to get their unique furniture design. It also allows the buyers to share the works of a particular professional on social media. This process was designed to suit the requirements of the client.


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