pocketCRM Vtiger

PocketCRM For Vtiger

PocketCRM for Vtiger is a mobile application for Vtiger with the support for all the Vtiger modules. The application access your CRM using the secure mobile API of your vtiger instance. The application will help you work with your CRM data on the go.

Vtiger Pocket CRM Modules

Work Offline

A seamless Offline support helps you work with the data irrespective of your internet connection. The app provides option to add, edit and delete your CRM data The modified changes in the app are synced automatically with your server and vice versa when the mobile is connected with Internet. The Sync does not need any manual intervention.

Integration with other Mobile Application

PocketCRM for Vtiger helps you make voice calls, send messages and mail your leads, contacts , and opportunity. The message received in the messaging application from the CRM contacts can be synced as comments. CRM contacts can be built with your incoming caller and from your mobile contacts.

Vtiger Pocket CRM mobile integration
Vtiger Pocket CRM Lead Conversion

Sales Automation

You can easily convert your lead to an Opportunity or contact from the mobile. Irrespective of your connectivity, you are allowed to create record for any module which will be added to the server when connected. The dashboard can be configured to show latest activity or the lead chart.


  • Supports all Vtiger Modules.
  • Offline add & edit support for all supported modules.
  • Automatically syncs data without manual trigger.
  • Syncs messages from the CRM contacts as comments.
  • Calendar view with event details.

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