Work on the fly with Pocket CRM for Vtiger

Take your Vtiger CRM wherever you go. Pocket CRM for Vtiger turns your mobile phone as Vtiger CRM. It provides you the simplest, fastest and secured way to access your Vtiger CRM data from anywhere.


Faster than ever

Easily access, add & edit of all your Vtiger CRM data in no time from any iOS & Android Mobile phones, Tablets and iPad.

Move ahead

Pocket CRM for Vtiger changes the way you work. Get all your updates on the fly and close more deals!

Empower your team

Allow your sales & marketing team to carry your customer data, deal info and more wherever they move!

Why to choose Pocket CRM


Easy to use

More intuitive and detached design for Mobile phones, Tablets and iPads to make it more convenient to use.

Plan your To-Do

Bring all your official, personal events and appointments at one place with a built in to-do widget.

Offline Support

No network? No worries! You can view all your default and custom CRM module data with our mobile app.

Stay Updated

Track all your Vtiger CRM offline data updates at the instant when you’re Online. And get it at the top of your search.

Add or edit from anywhere

Done with your client meeting? Check-in & go-ahead to add or edit any CRM information right away from your mobile.

Just Swipe to delete

Remove all your unwanted CRM data in just a single Swipe like any other deletion.

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Feature Highlights


Work Offline

Now the internet is not problem to stop your work. Get all your Vtiger CRM info in offline. And get your recently updated data when you reconnect without any intervention. It helps your salesman to be connected with your CRM irrespective of the Internet connectivity.

Seize your day with a Agile planner

Never miss any of your importants events whether it may be personal or official. With the smart to-do widget right inside your pocket, you can efficiently plan and track all your day-to-day task and never let any business opportunity to pass by. You can view the complete Vtiger CRM info inside your mobile phone.


The iOS version of the APP doesn’t support Vtiger CRM with URL http, because the Apple Store restricts submission of app with the support for http.

Get Pocket CRM for iOS & Android devices

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