pocketCRM for SugarCRM

PocketCRM For SugarCRM

PocketCRM for SugarCRM is an Android application that brings hosted version of the SugarCRM handy. It supports all the major modules and custom modules of your SugarCRM. It interacts with your SugarCRM using secured SugarCRM API. The CRM can be accessed with simple user interface.

SugarCRM module activity history

Easy CRM Data Access

The application keeps you updated with all your CRM changes anywhere, anytime. The dashboard widget can be customized with the chart or activity history. The chart provides a clear detail of leads source and opportunities sales stage and amount. The list view of the CRM modules can be sorted with created time, modified time and in alphabetical order.

Work Offline With Your CRM

PocketCRM for SugarCRM is a complete offline application that enables to add, edit and delete CRM records offline. It helps your salesman to be connected with your CRM irrespective of the Internet connectivity. The modified changes in the application will be synced to the server and the changes in the server will be downloaded automatically when they are connected to the Internet. The data stored in the mobile is secured by encrypting the CRM data.

Offline SugarCRM App
Mobile App Integration in SugarCRM

Mobile App Integration

The application has extended CRM features with the integration of other Mobile application. It enables to initiate a call or SMS and email to your leads, contacts and opportunities directly from your SugarCRM. The incoming caller number can be added to build your CRM contacts.


  • Supports all SugarCRM modules.
  • Offline App with the encrypted database to secure CRM data in your mobile.
  • Automatically updates data to and from the server when connected to the Internet.
  • Mobile application integration with call, SMS and email features.
  • Enter Leads, Contacts and Accounts data of your CRM with QR code scanner.
  • Dashboard widget with chart or activity history.
  • List view sorting with created time, modified time and alphabetical order.
  • Easy user interaction with four colorful themes.
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