• Edition: Open Source
  • Version: 7.11.*
  • Magento version: 2.*

Magento Integration for SuiteCRM

Product version 1.0

Combine all your customer data scattered across your Magento Store and SuiteCRM with SuiteCRM Magento Connector.

  • Connect and bidirectionally sync data between your SuiteCRM and Magento Store.
  • Sync all your existing information in just a click or schedule to run on later intervals.
  • Bidirectionally sync Customers, Products, Invoice and Sales Orders between your SuiteCRM and Magento.
  • Get the information automatically sync to your Magento Store, while you save the record in SuiteCRM.
  • Sync Customer Group and Website information from your Magento Store to SuiteCRM
  • Connect and sync information more securely with API keys.

Sync between your Magento and SuiteCRM

Sync on the go

Save the information in your SuiteCRM and get automatically reflected on your Magento Store.

Sync automatically

Set your cron job and run the synchronization process without any manual intervention.

Sync Selectively

Choose and synchronize only selected records from your SuiteCRM to Magento Store.



Connect your SuiteCRM and Magento Store
  • No more dual data entries, easily maintain your SuiteCRM and Magento Store information up-to-date.
  • More secure integration between your Magento Store and SuiteCRM.
  • 2-way synchronization of Customers, Products, Invoice and Sales Order information.
  • Synchronize website and Customer group information in single way.
All or selective synchronization
  • With SuiteCRM Magento Connector you can sync all your existing data all in one go in just a click.
  • Synchronize only selective information from your Magento Store to SuiteCRM, when you no longer need to sync all the information.
  • Choose the records in the SuiteCRM and select Allow in the mapping, finally click on sync to sync only particular information.
Synchronize automatically
  • Synchronize your records on the fly while your save the records in one place.
  • Create new or edit record in your SuiteCRM and get automatically mirrored on your Magento Store.
  • SuiteCRM Magento Connector, lets you sync all your records automatically based on your cron job without any manual interventions.
Synchronization logs
  • Know about your complete synchronization process in one place.
  • Gives you the detailed success/ failure information of each and every record synchronized between your SuiteCRM and Magento Store.

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