CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source

Version: 1.5 & above

Joforce Multi User Assignment

Community version 1.0

The smartest way to assign a record to multiple users is by creating groups. With Joforce Multi User Assignment extension, the user can avoid manually creating groups as the extension automatically creates groups once you save the record.

  • Separate block inside the module records to assign multi users.
  • Unique field to add multiple users.
  • Auto creates Groups inside Joforce CRM based on selected users.
  • Enable/Disable assigned users of the record.

Single Domain

1 Year Free Support & Upgrade

Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)

Configure Multi User

Choose one module for which records you want to assign multiple users and fill other fields.


New separate block to add users

Creates a new block inside the chosen module records. Start to assign many users to a record in Joforce CRM.


Auto-generated groups

Once you assign multiple users to a record, the extension automatically creates a group inside Joforce CRM.


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