CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source

Version: 1.5 & above

Bruteforce Login Security Master

Community version 1.0

The next level step to safeguard your JoforceCRM data from unauthorized logins and possible attacks. With this extension, you can provide double layer security to your CRM by including strong password rules, lock user, and IP address after certain no. of bad logins. Two factor authentication for Joforce can help you provide strict login for CRM users.

  • Block users after a certain number of failed logins.
  • Time lock user for 'xx' minutes.
  • Blocks the IP address by the number of blocked users.
  • Can view the list of all blocked IPs.
  • Able to lock the IP address for "xx" time in minutes.
  • Define strong password rules for users.
  • Set up password expire settings in days.
  • Enable/disable two factor authentication for all or particular CRM users.
  • Track your users login details.
  • Activate authentication for every 24 hours or set days to authenticate.
  • Allows users to login only if they enter the six-digit security code.
  • Easily customize the email templates sent for users with verification code.
  • Enable two factor authentication after no.of bad login attempts.

Single Domain

1 Year Free Support & Upgrade

Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)

Login Settings 

Edit the settings to lock the user of CRM after many login attempts, and to block the IP address for some minutes.


Login Settings in Joforce BruteForce & Password Config

Blocked IP Details

Lists all Blocked IP with details like User IP, date of blocked, user name, and number of login attempts.


Password Config Settings

Set a password policy for your CRM users by using the intuitive extension.


Password configuration settings in Joforce BruteForce & Password Config

Two factor authentication

Enhance your security with two factor authentication. Configure the settings of default authentication and bad login authentication.


Configure 2-factor authentication for users

Joforce Brute Force Login Security Master extension lets you configure two factor authentication for each individual CRM user. Also, you can track user login activity from here.


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