Payroll for OrangeHRM

Compatibility: 3.3.*

Payroll for OrangeHRM

Product version 1.5

Enjoy your month end with automated payroll calculations inside your OrangeHRM itself.

  • Hassle free payroll calculation with attendance in account.
  • Auto Schedule pay run and generate employee payslip.
  • Import attendance data downloaded from any biometric devices or in spreadsheet.
  • Automate field value calculation with predefined formula.
  • Easily manage employee Loans & monitor with detailed report.
  • Define your own annual leave period & work week for employees.
  • Design multiple unique salary templates with defined fields.


Manage Attendance Better
  • Easy to compute payroll along with employee attendance information.
  • Configurable LOP based on late arrival and effective working hours.
  • Import attendance data using Spreadsheet or CSV from any biometric devices.
Schedule Once and Run Forever
  • No more pen and paper calculations to compute employee payroll.
  • Automate Payroll in predefined intervals based on the preconfigured salary template.
  • OrangeHRM Payroll automatically fetches the desired employee details and give exact pay run results.
  • Can be scheduled on bi weekly, weekly, semi monthly and monthly frequency.
Advanced Pay Run & Loan Report
  • Analyze & get valuable insight on pay run process with built-in reports.
  • Design Payroll report with chosen headers, and filter data based on conditions for easy comparisons.
  • And Loan reports with advanced search filters helps to narrow in to the report.
Effective Leave Management
  • Easily manage employee leave/absence, calculate LOP, exclude organization holidays and make payments accurately.
  • Tailor your own leave types, holiday list and work week for your employees.
  • Leave management works hand in hand with Attendance management.
Manage Employee Benefits
  • Easily manage employee Loan by offering loan amount in fixed or percentage from their basic pay.
  • Report with clear information helps to monitor the loan offered to employees.
Flexible Employee Appraisal
  • Automate performance appraisal based on the Location, Department and Employee.
  • The incremental amount can be defined as a fixed amount or in Percentage with basic pay.
Unlimited Salary Templates
  • Create customized Salary structure using different set of custom or OHRM fields based on employees or departments.
  • Define fixed value or calculate by defining formula for each salary components.

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