Importer CSV & XML Example Downloads

If you want to know how the WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer plugin imports data. Or if you want to test data importing into WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer, we offer sample CSV & XML files which you can use for test import. Download the required CSV file while you go through our documentation or you can find the other way to get CSV that we mentioned below and test the data import in our live demo.

Download CSV Samples

You can download all needed sample CSV files by checking out our Sample CSV blog of Ultimate CSV Importer. It includes CSVs for WordPress Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, WooCommerce, Events Manager, Multilingual, SEO, Custom fields and more. Just download the sample CSV you want and start importing the CSV into WordPress.

Download XML Samples

WP Ultimate CSV Importer also supports XML data import into WordPress. The sample XML files are only just an examples. These are useful for preparing a new XML file to import and it helps you try test importing with WP Ulitmate CSV/XML Importer. Here we have listed all sample XMLs for different data import process.

1. WooCommerce Products Import XML
2. WooCommerce Variations Import XML
3. Events Import XML
4. Recurring Events Import XML
5. Event Location Import XML
6. Event Categories Import XML
7. Event Tags Import XML
8. NextGEN Gallery Import XML
9. ACF Import XML
10. ACF Repeater Fields XML
11. Toolset Types Import XML
12. Toolset Types Repeater Field XML
13. Toolset Types Intermediate Post XML
14. Toolset One to One Relationship XML
15. Toolset Two to One Relationship
16. Toolset One to Many Relationship
17. Toolset Many to Many Relationship
18. Custom Post Import XML
19. Post Import XML
20. Page Import XML
21. Users Import XML
22. Category Import XML
23. Tags Import XML
24. Taxonomies Import XML

After you download the XML file, follow the same importing steps like CSV data import to import the XML file into WordPress with Ultimate CSV/XML Importer. Visit our documentation for data import on WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

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