Order based template

WooCommerce Email Customizer allows you to design order status individually and custom order status Product Delivery. You can send email to customers based on the order status.

Order Status:

  • New Order – Customer places an order
  • On Hold Order – Customer order is on hold
  • Failed Order – The payment for the order is failed
  • Cancelled Order – The order from the customer has been cancelled due to some issues
  • Processing Order – Details that order has been received and is now under processing
  • Completed Order – Details that the order has been completed
  • Refunded Order – The order has been refunded
  • Customer Invoice – It is the confirmation that the goods have been shipped.
  • Customer Note – Note contains information that helps to keep track of particular customer
  • Reset Password – Details for resetting the password
  • New Account – Details for starting a account
  • Product Delivered – It informs the customer that the product has been delivered

Each Order status template can be designed with unique design. You can view and edit the template by using the following,

Click → Preview → To view the predefined template design.

Click → Edit → To modify the template.

WooCommerce order based emails