Email Customizer for WooCommerce Templates Management

Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin lets you efficiently manage your all email templates created inside the store. This helps you maintain an organized email templates. The templates are categorized as active and inactive templates. You can make the templates active or inactive whenever you need. But note that you can’t deactivate or delete the email event that has pre-built email templates.

Active Templates

The active templates area shows all the active template in a list view. From there, you can edit the templates of any order status. You can also change the position of the order status. Navigate to the order status you want to change its position. Just click it and drag the order status then drop it in the area you want to place it.

  • Base Template

The Base templates include all inbuilt and existing core email templates for order events like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, and Newsletter. Each event contains ten theme templates to customize.

  • WooCommerce Template

It shows all the WooCommerce store transactional emails. Here both inbuilt and existing WooCommerce order templates are displayed in a list view. Inbuilt templates given for order events like Note To Customer, New Order, and Completed Order. Each individual event is provided with ten theme templates.

Third-party form confirmation mail Templates

Design email templates for form submission confirmation emails. These emails are usually sent to admins. Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin supports third party form plugins to build templates which are Contact Form7, and WP Forms. Each form plugin is provided with three inbuilt templates for the form submission confirmation mail event. You can either edit or delete the confirmation mail event template. But you can’t deactivate the template once you activate the plugin in WordPress.

Inactive Templates

The templates that are deactivated will be shown here. To activate a template, click the ‘Activate’ button of the corresponding action. If you want to delete the template, click the delete icon. To edit a template, use the pencil icon given for the template.

Template Menu

Template Menu or slider preview is a separate menu section that previews all the templates designs offered in the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin.