Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin allows you to send Customized Emails to your patrons or customers and WordPress admin based on WooCommerce order status. You can design your template for each WooCommerce Order status individually for all products or specific to the individual – Products or Group of products within a single category. You can also add a custom order status “Product Delivery.” In addition, it supports customizable theme templates for events like New account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, Completed Order, and Product Delivered; this makes your branding done easier.


  • Compatible WordPress Version – 4.2 or higher

  • PHP Version – 5.6 or above

Get started

  1. Common way to install

    • Start with downloading the zip file.

    • Navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload

    • Browse and Upload the downloaded plugin’s zip.

    • AFinally activate the plugin.
  2. Install via FTP

    • Download and Extract the zip

    • Upload the plugin to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’.

    • Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins → and click on Activate
  3. From Admin: ( for the FREE plugin)

    • Go to plugins → Add New

    • Search Email Customizer WooCommerce

    • Click Install Now → Activate

Order Based Template

WooCommerce Email Customizer allows you to design order status individually and custom order status for the Product Delivery by designing/creating your template or modifying the theme templates. You can design different templates for both the user and Admin in each event and send emails to customers & Admin based on the order status. The Active Templates show all templates that are ready to use, and the In-active Templates list the templates that are designed to use later when required. Use the pencil icon to edit any template and click the delete symbol to delete a template.

Order Status

  • New Order – Customer places an order.
  • On Hold Order – Customer order is on hold.
  • Failed Order – The payment for the order is failed.
  • Canceled Order – The order from the customer has been canceled due to some issues.
  • Processing Order – Details that order has been received and is now under processing.
  • Completed Order – Details that the order has been completed.
  • Refunded Order – The order has been refunded.
  • Customer Invoice – It is the confirmation that the goods have been shipped.
  • Customer Note – Note contains information that helps to keep track of a particular customer.
  • Reset Password – Details for resetting the password.
  • New Account – Details for starting an account.
  • Product Delivered – It informs the customer that the Product has been delivered.
  • Blog Comment – It notifies WordPress users when a new comment is added to the blog post.

All Order status templates can be designed with a unique design in just two steps.


The Base section lists all Inbuilt and existing Core Order Emails. The In-built templates given for events like New Account, Reset Password, and Blog comment include ten theme templates separately for each event.


Click on the Edit icon of anyone inbuilt event. Then choose the desired template to customize it.


You can design templates for both admin and user with an email subject. Select the ‘Template For The User’ button and design templates that are sent to users. Select ‘Template For Admin’, enter the email subject and design the template that is sent to Admins.


All the templates include essential fields if you require additional, you can add fields by dragging and dropping them from the draggable elements panel. You can also align the existing theme template structure. Select the field to align position and drag your mouse and place it the desired position. Once you design the template, click save to save the template.

Preview & Test Emails option

Email Customizer for WooCommerce helps you design professional emails that match your brand style. Previewing the template design and sending test emails will give a user perspective view so that you can make needed changes for getting the desired look and feel.

To preview the designed template

Once you save the template, click the ‘Preview’ option to preview the template.


To send test emails

While you preview the designed template, you can send test emails from there. Scroll down and enter the email address in the below test area. Click ‘Send Test Mail’ to send the test mail.



If you want to send a test mail, then make sure you have installed and configured any SMTP plugin.


Lists the inbuilt WooCommerce Order templates like New Order and Completed Order. It also shows WooCommerce templates if you created any. The Inbuilt templates have ten theme templates for each action. Click the pencil icon of one template. Then choose the theme template you want to design with and start customizing the chosen template.


Active Templates

It shows all active templates that are currently in use. You can edit and delete the template from here. Deactivate any active templates from the edit view by toggle the Activate button off.


In-Active Templates

Displays all inactive templates. Click the ‘Activate’ button of the template to change it back to active status. To delete a template, click the delete icon of the required template.


Add new Templates

With Email Customizer, create new templates for order status from scratch.

To add a new template,

  • Click the Plus symbol shown in the right corner.


  • Specify your Template Name, then Choose the Action from the dropdown menu.


  • You can create templates for actions like New Order, On Hold Order, Failed Order, Cancelled Order, Processing Order, Completed Order, Refunded Order, Customer Invoice, Note to the Customer or Customer Note, and Product Delivered.

  • Next, choose the existing template to edit. Otherwise, leave ‘New Template’ as default to create new template designs.

  • Click Next and start design templates.

Product/Category Based Template

With the Product/Category Based Template, design email templates for each Product and Product within the same category.

Inbuilt Templates

For Product/Category based templates, the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin provides inbuilt templates for different actions like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, and Product Delivered. Each action has ten default theme templates that can be customized and used like Order Based Template.


If you create two templates for any event, make sure to activate any one of the templates. If you fail to do so, your first created template will be processed for sending mails. You can’t deactivate the default templates that are already activated initially.

Create a new Product-based template

Email Customizer for WooCommerce Premium version allows you to design a unique new Order email template from scratch for each Product. To craft the template,

  • Choose Product/Category based template → Select Plus icon.

  • Provide a name for the template.

  • Choose Product Based Template and Product Name from the dropdown.

  • Choose Template action name and click Next.

  • Now you can design your template.


Create a new Category Based Template

With Email Customizer for WooCommerce Premium version, you can define the unique new Order email template to the Products of the same category. To design the category based template,

  • Choose Product/Category based template → select the plus icon.

  • Provide a name for the template.

  • Choose Category Based Template and Category Name from the dropdown menu.

  • Then choose the template action name and click Next.


Now design your own template.

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