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Create New Email Templates from scratch

With Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin create new email templates for order status, and Product/category emails on your own. Preparing a new email template is simple with draggable elements.

Add new Order-based template #

Create new email templates for order statuses like Cancelled Order, Processing Order, Refunded Order, and Customer Invoice. On the Order Based Template page, click the ‘+’ icon to create a new order mail template from scratch. Follow the steps below and craft your new email template.

  • Enter a name for the template inside the text box.
  • Choose any one action from the ‘Choose an action’ dropdown. It lists actions like Cancelled order, Processing order, refunded order, and customer invoice.
  • Click Next.
  • It redirects to the template designing page.
  • Start dragging and dropping the required email elements from the draggable elements panel on the right side.
  • Edit the properties of email elements and design a good-looking template.
  • Add a background for the template using the ‘change background’ option.
  • You can edit, delete or duplicate elements upon your needs.
  • Add a subject line for the template in the subject field.
  • Click Save to save the template.
  • Enable the ‘Activate’ option to trigger and send the template to customers when the event occurs.

Add new Category/Product based templates #

You can create new templates for the order status of each individual product and category in your WooCommerce store. Move to ‘Product/Category Based Template’ and select the plus ‘+’ icon at the right corner. Follow the steps below to learn how to create templates for Product & Category based emails.

  • Add a name for the template.
  • Choose ‘Product Based Template’ if you want to build a template for a product otherwise choose ‘Category Based Template’ to create a template for a product category.
  • If you select a product based template, choose one product from the ‘Choose an Action Product’ dropdown. Then select at which event the template has to trigger. You can choose events like On Hold Order, Failed Order, Cancelled Order, Processing Order, Refunded Order, and Customer Invoice.
  • If you select a category template, choose one category from the dropdown and select the action at which the template has to be triggered and sent to the customer. You can create category templates for order statuses like On Hold Order, Failed Order, Cancelled Order, Processing Order, Refunded Order, and Customer Invoice.
  • Click Next.
  • Start designing the template using the elements in the draggable elements panel.
  • Drag the desired element and drop it inside the template designing area.
  • Edit the element properties, duplicate or delete the element if you require.
  • Add background for the template using the ‘Change Background’ button.
  • Add an email subject line and click ‘Save’ to save the template design.
  • Enable the ‘Activate’ option to trigger the template and send it to the customer when the specific event occurs.

Preview and send Test Emails #

Email Customizer plugin helps you design emails that match your brand style. Previewing the template design and sending test emails will give a user perspective view so that you can make needed changes for getting the desired look and feel.

Save and preview Email Template #

  • To save a custom template, just click the “Save” button inside the template designing area. 
  • To preview the template you have designed, click “Preview” next to the save button. 

Send Test Emails

While you preview the designed template, you can send test emails from there. Scroll down to the button and enter the desired email address in the text box. Click ‘Send Test Mail’ to send the test mail.

SMTP settings #

The inbuilt SMTP set up in the Email Customizer plugin helps you deliver emails to customers. The emails are sent automatically using the phpmailer. So you don’t need any SMTP plugin to send emails.

To Configure SMTP inside Email Customizer:

  • Move to ‘Email Customizer Premium’ >> ‘SMTP Settings’
  • Provide your SMTP Username and password.
  • Click ‘SMTP save’.
  • Once you configure SMTP, you can send emails from your WooCommerce store.

You can configure this setting either from the ‘Order Based Templates’ menu page or ‘Product/Category Based Template’.

Email Logs #

Email Logs is a place where you can view all the sent email statuses. It shows details like template name, user, date & time, status, and medium. You can verify your email delivery status right here.

FAQs for Email Customizer #

1. Does Email Customizer for WooCommerce support multisite?

No, Email Customizer plugin won’t support multisite.

2. Where do I define the Email “From Name and Address”?

To change From Name and Address of the email, Click on the WooCommerce ? Settings ? Email ? Email Sender Options and make changes.