Mobile Module for VtigerCRM


Product Version: 1.2

Vibe Mobile app for Vtiger CRM has been bundled with the extended features of Vtiger CRM. And installing the Vibe app includes some core file changes. Follow the below steps to unpack all the features of Vibe mobile app for CRM.

  • Take backup of all your core file changes in Vtiger CRM.

  • Upload the attached files of Vibe Mobile for Vtiger CRM as you do Vtiger module installation in Module Manager. We have used Graphql to enhance the app features.

  • If you have customized your index.php file of Vtiger CRM , after installing the module you can find the back up of that file as index_backup.php. You look for the changes in the file and apply it manually.

  • If you need any help, do email us at

Minimum Requirements

  • Requires PHP version 5.5 or above.
  • The upload_max_filesize & post_max_size in php.ini should be atleast 12 MB.


Vibe Mobile App for Vtiger CRM extends the default features of Vtiger Mobile App API. So we have made some core file changes, which includes changes in the following 4 files

  • index.php
  • libraries/htmlpurifier/library/
  • include/utils/VtlibUtils.php
  • modules/Vtiger/views/ListAjax.php

If you have done any customization over these files, make sure you take prior backup and apply the changes manually. If not you can directly unzip the attached enhanced API file from the Vtiger CRM root directory.

If your CRM fails to work, deactivate the module in Module Manager and move index_backup.php as index.php. And contact us at, we'll help you.


  1. Why I have to install the downloaded zip package?

Vibe Mobile App for Vtiger CRM extends the default features provided by the Vtiger Mobile API. To get the added features available in the app, the API package provided need to be installed. Installing the Extended API is must to make use of the Vibe Mobile app for Vtiger CRM.

  1. What are the features that comes with Vibe Mobile App for Vtiger?

Features that comes with extended Vtiger Mobile API

  • Easily access custom modules installed or created in your Vtiger CRM.
  • Get directions to client's location with inbuilt maps.
  • Instantly call or email to communicate with your Lead/Contact.
  • Easily locate and group the relevant records with Filters
  • Get all related record details for better view on each record.
  1. How can I confirm successful module installation?

In CRM Settings → Other Settings → Smack Graphql, make sure the module status displays "SmackGraphql Module for Mobile API Installed Successfully".

  1. Is there an option to edit/delete from app? Yes, you can slide from right to left in any record listed to edit/delete from the list view.

  2. What features I get in Vibe Mobile app for Vtiger CRM Pro?
    • Offline Vtiger CRM app to access anywhere, anytime and even in no network areas.
    • Know your Lead/Contact's location and route in maps. Easily get the info on the nearby deals on your way.
    • Faster data tracking over the entire Vtiger CRM with Global Search.
    • Increase revenue and salesman productivity with opportunity forecast.
    • Starred to record to bookmark record for later reference.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • In mobile app, the URL need to be mentioned like
  • If you've any issues, go to CRM Settings → Other Settings → Smack Graphql, check for the error log. The error log will give you get the package installed.