Sync List between Vtiger & MailChimp

Get full control over List creation and update in both Vtiger & MailChimp.

List sync from MailChimp to Vtiger

Fetch your MailChimp List as Vtiger Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. You can sync Lists based on the module configuration.

Step 1 - Fetching Lists from MailChimp

  • Select Marketing → MailChimpPlus → Sync

  • Click on the Refresh icon to fetch Lists from MailChimp.

Note: This will only fetch Lists and not sync any records to Vtiger CRM.

  • The fetched List is listed in the dropdown.

  • Choose any one List and click on Sync Subscribers to VtigerCRM. Note you can sync records to Vtiger only if you done mapping.

Step 2 - Mapping Lists Fields

Vtiger MailChimp Plus Integration syncs your List subscribers to Vtiger only if you done mapping before sync.

Mapping lets you match the fields of MailChimp with VtigerCRM fields.

To do mapping,

  • Choose the Mapping section in MailChimpPlus. Select the List you want to sync from the dropdown.
  • Start relating the VtigerCRM fields to the appropriate MailChimp List fields. Once done, save the mapping using the Save button.

Step 3 - Sync MailChimp Subscribers to Vtiger CRM

Lists sync performs based on the mapping. The MailChimp Lists sync to the CRM Lists module. To do the sync,

  • Choose the List from the dropdown that you wish to sync. Then click on Sync Subscribers to VtigerCRM.

Sync List from Vtiger CRM to MailChimp

The List can be sync from Vtiger CRM to MailChimp instantly at the time of record creation or update the List.

  • Go to Marketing → MailChimpPlus.

  • Create a new record by choosing Add record present at the top right corner.

  • After finishing record creation, save the record.

If the records are imported in bulk into VtigerCRM, then the newly added records can be synced via Cron setup.