Create Groups & Groupings

You can create group and groupings inside the List in VtigerCRM,

  • Navigate to the 'List' section, select any one List to create a group and grouping inside the List.

  • In the List Detail view, click on Add to create any number of group/grouping for the List.

  • Click on Edit to modify and you can delete the groups/grouping from the List.

Create Tags, Segments and WebHooks

Vtiger MailChimp plus enables you to create tags, segments, and webhooks directly inside the List in VtigerCRM.

  • Choose one List under the List section.

  • Add new segments, tags, and webhooks as you need for the List inside VtigerCRM.

  • Click on the Edit or Delete icon of the tags or segments or webhooks to modify or remove it from the List.