Campaign sync in VtigerCRM MailChimp Plus

Sync Campaign from MailChimp to Vtiger

Sending your MailChimp Campaigns to VtigerCRM is done easily with VtigerCRM MailChimp Plus Integration.

Note: you can only sync Campaigns after you sync the List between Vtiger and MailChimp.

Step 1 – Fetching Campaigns from MailChimp

  • Go to MailChimpPlus → Sync to start sync Campaigns.

  • Click on the Refresh icon to fetch Campaigns from MailChimp.

  • You can view all your Campaigns get listed in the dropdown.

  • Choose one campaign you want to sync to Vtiger. Click on Sync. The sync only happens if you do mapping for the campaign.

Step 2 – Mapping Campaign Fields

  • Go to MailChimpPlus → Mapping
  • Choose required Campaigns and start mapping fields of Vtiger Campaigns with the corresponding MailChimp fields.

  • Once you are done, save the mapping.

Step 3 – Sync Campaign to Vtiger CRM

The Campaigns in MailChimp are synced to the CRM Campaigns module.

  • In the 'Sync Campaigns' under Sync, choose the Campaign and click on the Sync button to sync campaign to Vtiger CRM.

Sync Campaign from Vtiger to MailChimp

With Vtiger MailChimp Plus Integration, send your Campaigns created inside VtigerCRM to email marketing tool MailChimp at the instant of saving without any export or import work.

Step 1 – Mapping Campaign Fields

  • Map the related fields of the Vtiger Campaign with MailChimp Campaign fields.

  • Then save the mapping using Save button.

Step 2 – Sync Campaign to MailChimp

  • In your VtigerCRM Campaigns modules, start creating a new Campaign.

  • In the edit view of the Campaign, check on the Sync to MailChimp field, then save the Campaign.
  • The Campaign automatically sends to your MailChimp at the instant of saving the record.