Introduction For CRM Leave Management

Vtiger Leave Management System enables you to efficiently manage your employee leave in a single place. You can prepare your own leave types and holiday list for your employees based on your organisation standards. With Vtiger Leave Management, you can give your employees the ability to view and apply their leave, with a separate login for individual employees. You can maintain the complete list of all your employees info within your Vtiger CRM as well.


For secure installation, take a backup of your database and files

  • Click on the Setting icon → CRM Settings → Module Manager → Install for zip
  • Choose the file and then click Import.

Vtiger Module for Leave Management

Easy to keep track and manage all your employee leave info in one place. Based on your organisation standards, you can prepare your employee holiday list and leave types. To do so, click on All → Leave.

Leave Period

Initially specify your Organisation annual Leave Period. Click on Edit, choose the appropriate start and end date and then hit “Save”.


Leave Types

Leave types are the different types of Leaves that an Organisation grants for the employees. You can define any no.of leave types based on your Organisational standards. Some of the common leave types are Sick leave, Casual leave, Earned leave, Maternity leave, Paternity leave and more. Click on Add, enter the name and add description about the leave type. Once done, hit Save.



With Vtiger Leave Management module, you can define entitlements all your based on your employees and leave type. You can also view the summary of your employees leave balances within your Vtiger CRM. Click on Entitlements → Add to add entitlements to your Leave and enter the appropriate info and click on Save.

Work Week

Work Week enables you to list all the working and non-working days for your employees. You can select the start day of the week and specify the work week calendar from the drop down options like Full day, Half day and Non-working days. Click on Edit, once changes are done hit Save.



With Holidays, you can define the list of all common holidays for a year. Click on Add ann provide the Holiday name and choose the start and end date. If you need to repeat the same leave to all the years, Check on Repeats Annually. Once done, hit Save.


Share your holiday list

With Vtiger Leave Management, you can share the Holiday list with your employees. To do so, click on the Mail icon and choose the role of the person and finally click Send Holiday List.

To configure your Mail Settings

  • Click on Settings icon → CRM Settings → Other Settings → Outgoing Server.
  • In the Mail Server Settings,
    1. Enter your ServerName, UserName, Password and Email Id to send Email Notification.
    2. Check on the Require Notification and then click Save.


Vtiger Leave Management lets you to better visualize all your previous leaves and apply for new leaves from a single place. As an admin user, you can also view all your employees leave as well.

My Leave

My leave enables you to better visualize all your previously applied leaves and you can also apply leaves right from there. Click on Add, provide the necessary info and then click Save.


Here you can view all your employees leave info in a unified info. With Vtiger Leave Management, you can easily check the leave availability of individual employees that helps, for better decision making whether to approve your employees leave application or not.


Vtiger Module for Employee Management

Vtiger Leave Management module lets you to manage all your employees info in a single unified window. Click All → Employee.


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