How to get the Addon from Gmail

  • Login to your gmail inbox.
  • Inside your gmail inbox, Addons are available from right sidebar (which is collapsed in default).
  • You can see expand/collapse icon right bottom corner.
  • Click to expand the sidebar.
  • Tiny icons of addons like calendar, keep etc. are visible along with a plus button as shown in image
how to add an addon from gmail inbox
  • Click the plus icon to open the addon library
  • Now type the addon name in the search box, here Smack Vtiger for gmail and hit enter
browse addon marketplace from gmail inbox
  • From the search result you can select the addon to install.
authorize addon to get gmail permission

How to setup Smack Vtiger Addon

  • After installation is successful, close the library window
  • Now Smack Vtiger Addon icon is visible, click it to load
how to launch smackvtiger addon from gmail inbox
  • You will be prompted to authorize the app to access your gmail account as below
gmail authorize access
  • Click "Authorize Access" button, will popup "Sign in with Google" window.
  • Select an account (if multiple emails shown) to continue with New Vtiger CRM Addon
  • Click Allow to authorize it

How to configure your Vtiger CRM login

  • Once you authorize gmail, "Connect your Vtiger" option become visible
how to connect your vtigercrm from addon sidebar
  • Provide yout vtiger CRM URL in "Enter your vtiger CRM url" field
  • And click Next to continue the setup

Below message is shown

add access to vtiger
  • To accept and continue, click "Connect Vtiger" button
  • You may get 2 types of window based on your GraphQL test run
  1. If the test can not find GraphQL module, follow below steps
  • A test run result window wall pops up with steps to download and install GraphQL module
  • Click to download the module
  • Login as admin your vtiger CRM
  • Go to CRM setting >> Module Manager
  • Upload the graphql module zip and click install
  • Verify the install is successful
  • Refresh this page to run the test again
  1. If GraphQL exist or installed as in above steps then follow as below
  • Now "Login to Vtiger" window gets popup
  • You can provide your Vtiger Username/Password and click Authorize
  • Once done, you can see "Open an email" window

Note: this window as shown in below image will appear if no individual email thread is select opened. Open any email from your inbox, so addon can get you the details related to email associated with that thread.

addon view if no email opened