Advanced Email Plus Module an Introduction

Vtiger Email Plus integration module enables you to organize your sales activities in your CRM. With Email Plus module for Vtiger you can send emails directly from your CRM that minimize the gap between the CRM and email client. You can send emails to your CRM contacts and can create new contacts. You can also add additional contacts to your email and can maintain your CRM and Email contacts in a synchronized way.

Below video guides you on how to integrate your mailbox within VtigerCRM. Follow the steps explained to setup & configure a mailbox services from available list to perform all your mail activities right inside your Vtiger CRM without need to switch the platform.


  • Compatible Vtiger version: 6.* – 7.1
  • PHP version: 5.4 0r higher
  • IMAP server: IMAP4 rev1
  • Configure SMTP server or PHP for mail delivery
  • Ioncube for version 4.0 or higher

Module Installation:

  • For secure installation, click Settings icon → CRM Settings → Module Manager → Install from zip
  • Upload the zip file and click Import and then click yes to finish.

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