Vibe For SuiteCRM Mobile App

Vibe App for SuiteCRM is bundled with all of SuiteCRM’s advanced features. By installing the SuiteCRM Mobile App module on your SuiteCRM instance, you will be able to access the data from your mobile device. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Download and install the module package in your SuiteCRM

Download here


  • Before you start your installation process, take a backup of your database and file.
  • Click on the Admin icon → Admin → Module Loader.


  • Once you have selected the Zip file, click on Upload → Then click Install.
  • Accept the license agreement and then click on Commit.


  • You have now successfully installed your module.

Login Steps:

  • Once you complete the installation process, download the Vibe Suite Application to your mobile device.
  • Now, enter the SuiteCRM URL, Username and Password.
  • Click on Login to access your Vibe SuiteCRM.

Troubleshooting Tips