Vtiger Mentions

Team collaboration is an important tool to achieve organizational goals. To efficiently interact and get help from your team as well as other teams by simply mentioning them in contacts or opportunities or in some other module, Vtiger mentions module 3.0 is designed.  With this, you can mention someone in the comments like your teammates or other teams regarding any new work assigned or to update any existing work. The @followed by the user name is the syntax to mention someone in the comment section. If you are assigning new work to a teammate then you simply mention their name and work in the comment section and they will be notified by receiving an email or notification or both.



The step-by-step instructions for installing the Mentions module are as follows.

  • Login to your Vtiger CRM
  • Then click on Settings <<  CRM Settings <<  Modules
  • On the Modules section, click on “Import modules from the zip” in the top right corner

Import module from zip

  • Tick the checkboxes, “I accept with the disclaimer and would like to proceed”
  • Now Click “Select from My Computer” and choose the file Mentions.zip
  • Click on Import  << Import Now


Import Module



Once you import the module you need to configure the settings. To access the Mentions module

  • Navigate to Settings<< CRM settings

CRM settings

  • Then click on Other Settings<< Mentions


Navigate to Other settings-Mentions