Configuration for Google Contacts

The connection between SuiteCRM and your Google Account is securely done with Google API. You can connect with any of your Google Account and it is a simple one time configuration.

You can Edit and Save again to reconfigure with any other Google Account.

  • Click on All -> SuiteCRM Google Contact -> App Settings

  • Add your Client Id, Client Secret, and Developer key(API key)

  • To know how to get your Google Id and Secret, refer to our Google API Configuration or click on the below option GoogleContactsConfigurationSteps.

  • Once done, click on Save.


Once you have given the connection details, it has to be authorized. Click on GoogleSync(in left side menu panel) --> Click here to authorize.

This will establish the connection between the two applications. This has to be done whenever a Google account has been updated.


Synchronization Setup

The SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration enables to sync instantly when a new record is created or manually in bulk on a single click or frequently on a defined time with cron. The settings provide complete flexibility on choosing the mode of sync.

To set up, Goto Sync Settings menu in the left panel.

  • Sync on save - To sync data immediately when it is entered in either application, check on and make OnSave Sync Yes.
  • Bulk Manual Sync - To sync data manually or move your existing data, check on Enable Sync and make it Yes. And to trigger the sync, click on GoogleSync(in left side menu panel) --> Sync from Google or Sync to Google. You can also specify the date from which you want to sync Contacts, it works with reference to Contacts created time.
  • Sync from Google - Google Contacts to SuiteCRM Contacts.

  • Sync to Google - SuiteCRM Contact as Google Contacts.
  • Schedule Sync - To automate sync in a regular time interval, check on Sync record via cron. Once you have made this yes, make sure you have entry in your CRON file.



SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration provides a detailed logs on both success & failure of sync. This will help you to keep track on the data updated.