Synchronization & Logs

With SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration the synchronization can be done on three different ways.

Manual sync

To synchronize all your existing events you can sync all in one go using the manual sync options.

  • Navigate to Google sync option in the left hand side menu.

  • Click on SYNC FROM GOOGLE - To get all your Google Calendar events into SuiteCRM

  • Click on SYNC TO GOOGLE - This allows you to sed all your SuiteCRM event sto Google Calendar.

If you no longer need to synchronize all your existing events, use the specific date based filter to sync only the selective events from the specified date and time. To set your own date and time, refer to our Synchronization Settings.


On the Save sync

This synchronization process, runs automatically. When you create a new event in your Google Calendar or SuiteCRM, while you save the event it will be automatically added to the other. So you can easily maintain both your Google Calendar and SuiteCRM calendar up-to-date without any manual intervention.


Automated Sync

This synchronization process runs at the background based on your CRON time without any Manual intervention. Just set your preferred CRON time, refer to document to set your CRON job.



Get to know about your synchronization process with logs. It offers you with both success and failure synchronization details.