Configuration for Google calender

  • Click on All -> SuiteCRM Google Calendar -> App Settings

  • Add your Client Id, Client Secret, and Developer key(API key)

  • To know how to get your Google Id and Secret, refer to our Google API Configuration.

  • Once done, click on Save.


Navigate to Sync Settings options in the left side menu and click on Edit.

  • Enable Sync - Enable the checkbox to sync the calendar events manually using the GoogleSync option.

  • Onsave Sync - When you add or edit an event in one location, this feature will automatically add the same information on the other. To allow this feature, enable the checkbox.

  • Sync record via cron - Enable the checkbox to synchronize your calendar events based on your cron time. To know about the cron setup, refer to our CRON Setup document.

  • Even Type - Its consists of three options - Calls, Meetings, Tasks. You can choose any one of the options from the dropdown. The events synchronized from your Google Calendar to SuiteCRM will have the Event Type, you have chosen from the dropdown.

  • Event Status - It also consists of three options such as Planned, Held, Not held. You can choose your desired option from the dropdown. Once done, the events that are synchronized from Google Calendar to SuiteCRM is automatically set to the Event Status you have chosen.

  • Start Date for Sync from Google(Google Calendar to SuiteCRM) - This helps to synchronize only the events from a specified date and time.

  • Start Date for Sync to Google(SuiteCRM to Google Calendar) - Specify your preferred date and time to synchronize only the specific events.

  • Once done click on Save.


Once done with your configuration and settings part, navigate to the Google Sync options in the left hand side menu. Now click on the “Click here to authorize!” button. Choose your Google account and connect it with your SuiteCRM.