WebApp configuration

Check the SmackcodersAsteriskConnector.properties in the following location: /etc/asterisk-suite-webapp/

// Location where this application server will be running.
    WebAppIP   =
    WebAppPort = 4503

// Call Recordings storage path
    StorageDir = /home/<username>/Asterisk/recording

// Enable(true) or Disable(false) call recordings
    Recording = true

// Location where the applications database files will be stored.
    DBPath = /home/theophilus/Asterisk/db

// Asterisk Server Details
    AsteriskServerPublicIP = <Your IP>
    AsteriskServerIP   = <Your IP>
    AsteriskServerPort = <Port address>
    AsteriskUsername   = <Your own Username>
    AsteriskPassword   = <your own Password>

// Suite CRM URL
    SuiteURL = <Your SuiteCRM URL>
    SuiteSecretKey = You can get this key from our SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector Module.


You can use your own preferred softphone to make/receive calls to your customers.

  • Download and install your softphone.

  • To activate the softphone add your Trunk Name and Password mentioned in the Sip.Conf file.