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SuiteCRM Configuration for Asterisk Connector

To configure your SuiteCRM, click on the Admin icon Admin Scroll down to the bottom you can find the menu “PBX Suite Configuration Settings”

  • Asterisk Tab
    • Suite Asterisk URL – http://:4503
    • Outbound Context – Context configured in asterisk
    • Outbound Trunk -> Context configured in asterisk
    • Suite Secret – Secret key to be used in the Webapp.


  • User Permissions Tab – Define the list of users who can make/ receive calls.


To assign an extension to a particular user, click on the Admin icon Profile in the edit view of individual user you can find PBX_Suite section, where you can easily assign an extension that is unique for individual users.


Call Logs

Go to All Calls You can get the complete history of all your incoming and outgoing calls in one place.


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