Installation of SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

  • Take a back up of your current SuiteCRM for safe installation.

  • Download the package from the MyAccount Page.

  • To install it in your SuiteCRM, click on the Admin icon Admin Module Loader choose the downloaded Zip file click on Upload and then Install.

  • Once done, install the Suite Asterisk Connector WebApp Linux.

Suite Asterisk Connector WebApp Linux

  • Download the connector from the MyAccount Page.

  • Extract the zip file from your SuiteCRM root folder.

  • Now navigate to that extracted Suite Asterisk Connector WebApp folder and run the following commands.

    • sudo chmod u+x

    • sudo ./
  • To run the service

    • sudo service suite-agi start

    • sudo service suite-webapp start
  • To stop the service

    • sudo service suite-agi stop

    • sudo service suite-webapp stop