Google Contacts Module for SugarCRM

Maintain your Google Contacts and SugarCRM Contact information up-to-date. 2-way synchronization of contact information between your SugarCRM and Google Contacts. Either synchronize all the information manually or run at periodic intervals without any manual intervention based on your cron time.


  • Before installation, please check whether ioncube is installed.
  • Get the SugarCRM Google Contacts Integration package from your MyAccount Page.
  • Now click on the Admin menu in the top right corner → Scroll down to the Developer Tools section → click on Module Loader.
  • Choose the package and click on Upload and then Install. Finally, click on Commit for a successful installation.

Configuration & Working

Configure your API

Securely connect your SugarCRM with your Google Contacts with Google API key.

  • Navigate to All → SugarCRM Google Contacts → App Settings → Edit
  • Add your Google Client Id, Client Secret, Developer Key(API Key). To get these keys, refer to our Google API document or follow the steps in the “Google Contacts configuration Steps section”.
  • Once done, click on Save.


Authorize your Google Account

  • Go to GoogleSync menu and click on the Click here to authorize button.


Synchronization Settings

  • Click on Sync Settings menu in the top menu bar and click on Edit.


  • Enable Sync – Enable the checkbox to synchronize all your contact information manually in one go(in bulk).
  • On Save – Enable this checkbox to synchronize instantly. While you Save a new contact or update existing contact either in your SugarCRM or Google Contacts, the information will automatically get mirrored on other.


  • Sync record via cron – To sync contact information automatically enable the checkbox. The synchronization runs at periodic intervals based on your cron time.


Once done, click on Save.

Synchronize Contacts in bulk

To sync your contact information between your Google Contacts and SugarCRM, navigate to GoogleSync menu in the top menu bar.

  • Sync From Google – To bring in Google Contacts information inside SugarCRM
  • Sync to Google – To send all your SugarCRM contacts to Google.



Get to know about your success and failure status of your contact sync with logs. sugarcrm-google-contacts-logs