Configuration for SugarCRM

  • Click on AllSugarCRM Google CalendarAPP Settings.

  • Click Edit → Add your own Google API, Client ID and Client Secret Keys. To get your keys refer to Google API Configuration.

  • Finally, click on Save.

Synchronization Settings

Navigate to Sync SettingsEdit.


Enable Sync - To sync the calendar events manually, enable the Enable sync checkbox.

Onsave Sync - Add or edit any calendar events in one place and get automatically mirrored on another, while you like on Save. Let’s you maintain both Google calendar and SugarCRM Calendar events up-to-date without any manual work.

Sync record via cron - This option enables you to synchronize your events based on Cron run time.

Event Type & Event Status - Here you can choose your own event types(Meetings, Calls, and Tasks) and event status(Planned, Held, and Not held) to synchronize from Google Calendar to SugarCRM.

Start date for Sync from Google: Specify the date and time for your event synchronization. It helps you to sync the events that are created the mentioned date from Google Calendar to SugarCRM.

Start date for Sync to Google: Provide your desired date and time to synchronize only the specific events from SugarCRM to Google Calendar.


Once added your preferred options for Google Calendar Sync, click on the Save button to save your module settings.

Connect your Google Account

Navigate to GoogleSync page and click on the Click here to authorize! to connect your preferred Google Calendar with SugarCRM. Select your Google account and then connect it with your SugarCRM.