SugarCRM MailChimp Introduction

SugarCRM MailChimp Synchronizer extension Syncs the MailChimp Lists, Campaigns to SUGARCRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts Modules. You can easily sync, edit, save and manage your MailChimp Contacts, Campaigns and Lists from SUGARCRM.

More Information

It is simple yet powerful premium extension for SUGARCRM to sync your MailChimp Account. This extension provides access to connect, manage and sync your MailChimp to SUGARCRM without switching to one another. Saves lots of time, effort and makes easy to manage both data. SUGARCRM MailChimp plugin uses the MailChimp API to sync your MailChimp subscribers to and from SUGARCRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts Modules as a bi-way connector. There is lot of advantages with a rich set of features like

  • Syncing MailChimp Subscribers to your Leads, Contacts and accounts.
  • Mapping list fields to your Leads, Contacts and accounts as you wish.
  • Send and receive all data changes like Contacts, Lists etc manually.
  • User friendly module with Rich UI Experience
  • Easy to install. Simple to configure.
  • Well guided step by step documentation with snap shots
  • Highly suites with SUGARCRM environment.
  • Logs will be maintained for all actions.
  • Groupings, Lists and Groups will be maintained
  • MailChimp act as Control Panel.
  • Add/Remove record from MailChimp Lists when certain conditions met.

Installation for Sugar MailChimp Integration

  1. Take database and file backup before proceeding with installation.
  2. Before start Installation, Please check whether IonCube Loader installed on your server. We have attached a file (TestRun.php) in the zip file. Please run this file via browser (http://[domain]/TestRun.php) to know whether IonCube installed on your server. If Installed, proceed to nextstep else install IonCube Loader.
  3. Get sugarMailchimpCron.php file from Import –> SugarModules/modules/smack_SUGARCRM_MailChimp directory. Place it on SUGARCRM rootdirectory.
  4. Add Cron entry
  5. Go to SUGARCRM Admin >> Module Builder
  6. Click Install from File Button.
  7. Import MailChimp_Groupings, MailChimp_Lists, MailChimp_Groups and  SUGARCRM_MailChimp.


  1. Go to SUGARCRM_MailChimp Module
  2. Select Reports and Click Create button. Selected Reports will be created.
  3. Click On Settings. Click Edit Button
  4. Provide MailChimp API key, Select Modules you want to Sync, Opt In, Default Module and Sync Selected records
  5. Select Save.

Features for SugarCRM Mailchimp

Sugar mailchimp Integartion :

  • Allows user to Map the Fields between List in MailChimp and to the Fields of Leads, Contacts, Accounts in SUGARCRM
  • User can Sync the List Contacts present in MailChimp to be synced with Leads or Contacts or Accounts using the MailChimp Settings page and by creating a text custom field in MailChimp which is explained below
  • User can add Groupings and Groups here in SUGARCRM and Sync it to MailChimp.
  • Sync selected records alone to MailChimp. In MailChimp Settings, If “Sync Selected records ?” fields is set to yes, Only selected records will be sent to MailChimp. Contacts, Leads and Accounts Module has a block at the end named as ‘MailChimp information’. You can find a checkbox field “Sync to MailChimp”.
  • After Every action the changes details like no of contacts added, updated and failed will be shown on Notification Area.
  • All the actions are logged in Logs Module. In case, sync failed, user can see the logs and know what went wrong
  • Set OptIn checkbox on MailChimp Settings to send OptIn Mails to user when subscribe
  • Workflows used to add/remove records on certain condition.
  • Send changes to MailChimp Lists can be done automatically.
  • Show Campaign Summary like Bounces, Open, Clicks etc on Campaign Module Detail View Widget
  • Show Member Summary like Campaign Sent, Clicks etc on Contacts/Accounts/Leads Details View Widget