Magento Integration for SuiteCRM push and pull your records such as Customer related data, product details, Invoices and Sales Order info between Magento and SuiteCRM. This allows you to view and monitor the records of Magento store details right within your SuiteCRM. You can sync all your records in both ways between SuiteCRM and Magento store. You can update your data (between Magento and SuiteCRM) instantly/manually or schedule it for specified time intervals. This integration allows you to maintain all your records up-to-date as logs.


  • Easily sync records between your SuiteCRM and Magento modules.

  • Added feature to avoid duplicate entries for Customers, Products, Invoices and Sales Orders.

  • Manage Magento store orders to push the changes to Suite CRM without switching.

  • Automatically sync up-to-date records in SuiteCRM while you edit or create records in Magento store.

  • Keep track of success and failure reports up-to-date under detailed log section.

System requirements

  • SuiteCRM Community Edition.
  • Magento 2.* Edition.