To establish the accessibility of data transfer between SuiteCRM and Magento, you need to configure the settings of both SuiteCRM and Magento.

SuiteCRM Configuration:

To Configure the Magento instance, Go to Admin icon -> Suite Magento integration (You can find this at the bottom of the page).

  • Select Enable option from the drop-down, to enable the data transfer process between your SuiteCRM and Magento.

  • Provide the Magento URL and Magento token key.
  • And also provide Enable/ disable on the go transfer, sync unsync item, and Customer Random Password Generation.

  • If you’re enabling the Enable On TheGo Transfer, you can instantaneously push the data either in SuiteCRM or Magento and have them updated both the modules.

  • With this Enable Sync Unsync Item option, you can sync the remaining unsync items.

  • Finally, click on the Save Button.

To get the token key from Magento instance,

  • Click on the System menu in the Magento dashboard > Integrations.

  • And then click on the Add New Integration.
  • Provide your required fields for the user details and click on the Save button.
  • And then activate the integration process.
  • Here, you can get the Magento token key.