Magento Configuration

To configure the SuiteCRM with Magento,

In the Magento dashboard, you need to navigate Stores menu -> Click on Configuration -> SuiteCRM Configuration.

Magento config
  • In SuiteCRM configuration, you can fill the following required fields.
  • Enable: Select Yes to activate the sync process with SuiteCRM.

  • SuiteCRM URL: Provide your SuiteCRM url.

  • Username: Assign your SuiteCRM’s username.

  • Enable auto-delete: If you choose Yes to enable the auto-delete dropdown. This auto-delete option automatically deletes your records in SuiteCRM when you remove those records in the Magento store.

  • Password: Assign your SuiteCRM password.

You can correlate your pushing or pulling data with the following records such as Sales Order, Invoice, Category, Products, and Customers.

For Sales Order Sync Configuration

  • For simultaneous transfer of your order details with Suite module, do the following,
  • To transfer and update your Sales order details simultaneously with SuiteCRM, select Yes to enable the Sales Order Sync.

  • You can also transfer data based on your selected statuses.

  • Mention the Specific date in Sync SalesOrder Older Than to sync your older records from Magneto to SuiteCRM.

  • To automate your single changes in SuiteCRM, whenever you register the records in Magento store, select Yes from the dropdown in SalesOrder On The Go.

  • To automatically trigger all your Sales order details in scheduled time intervals, select Yes in Sync Sales Order through Cron.

For Invoice Sync Configuration

  • To create 2-way sync of invoice records between SuiteCRM and Magento, just select Yes to Enable Invoice Sync.

  • Specify the Specific date in Sync Invoice Older Than to Sync your Older records from Magneto to SuiteCRM.

  • To push the invoice data instantly with SuiteCRM that you’re editing in the Magento store, select yes in the Invoice On The Go dropdown.

  • You can schedule the auto-refreshing process of all the invoice data changes by selecting Yes to the Sync invoice Through Cron.

For Category Sync Configuration

  • To perform 2-way sync of Category details between SuiteCRM and Magento, just select Yes in Enable Category Sync.

  • To auto-update the single editing process in the SuiteCRM, whenever you edited back in the Magento store. Select Yes to Category On the Go dropdown.

  • Without any manual intervention, you can schedule the category sync process, select Yes in Sync Category Through Cron.

For Product Sync Configuration

  • You can bi-directionally sync your Product details.

  • In addition to product details update, you can also sync your product attributes with the auto-mapping option.

  • Choose Yes in Products on the Go, to automatically update the new product details in SuiteCRM, while you created back in Magento store.

  • To auto-update your product details in specified time intervals, select Yes in Products Sync through Cron.

For Customer Sync Configuration

  • You can bi-directionally push/pull your customer-related details between Suite and Magento.

  • It automatically refreshes and transfers your Customer details in SuiteCRM whenever you add/update the Customer info in the Magento store.

  • Mention the specific date to Sync the customer details between SuiteCRM and Magento.

  • You can push the customer data in the SuiteCRM based on your selected statuses in the Magento store.

Once you’ve completed your configuration setup, Click on the Save Config button in the top right corner of the screen.