Data Synchronization process

To automate the transfer process of all your records such as Customer, Product, Invoice and Sales order details between your SuiteCRM and Magento store. You need to map the corresponding fields between them (Magento and SuiteCRM).

Sync from SuiteCRM to Magento

Map the fields:

For manual mapping in SuiteCRM,

  • For mapping the fields, go to Admin icon -> Suite Magento integration (You can find this at the bottom of the page).

  • Click on the Map Attributes.
  • Select default in Select Attribute Set dropdown.
  • And then Map the required Magento fields with its corresponding SuiteCRM fields.
  • Finally, click on the Save button to save your mapping fields template.

Sync from Magento to SuiteCRM

From Magento to SuiteCRM, you can be Sync in three ways.

  1. On the Go transfer.

  2. Schedule Auto transfer.

  3. Prompt transfer.

On the Go transfer:

To instantly push or pull your records between SuiteCRM and Magento store, click On the Go transfer. If you’re creating or updating records in the Magento store, this On the Go transfer option allows you to automatically reflected in the SuiteCRM.

Schedule Auto transfer:

Based on your Cron setup configuration, you can schedule your auto transferring process between SuiteCRM and Magento. For Cron setup: *****wget -o /dev/null -q -O /dev/null 2>&1.

Prompt transfer:

Using Prompt transfer in Suite Magento Connector, you can immediately push the records from Magento to SuiteCRM and vice-versa. Just click on the Sync button to immediate your action of updating or editing your records between SuiteCRM and Magento. Go to SuiteCRM Connector > Prompt transfer.


After each sync completion, you can view the progress details of your sync process.