Conditional layout

Module Configuration

Once you install the module, you need to configure it to make it active. To configure JoforceConditionalLayout,

  • Go to User Profile icon → Settings → JoforceConditionalLayout.

  • Click on the module.

  • Make it as Enable to keep the module active in JoforceCRM.

  • Conditional Layout List: displays all previously created Conditional Layouts. You can either edit or delete the layouts from list view.
  • Select ‘Add Record’ at the top right corner to create new layout rules.

  • Provide a name for the layout, description and select the target module for which you want to create the rules.

  • Set the status as ‘Active’. If you set the status as ‘InActive’ then the layout doesn't work when a certain condition is met.
Layout Designer Create View
  • In the ‘Layout Condition’, select ‘Add Condition’ and enter a condition for when the fields to be shown, hide or made mandatory.

  • The conditions can be set based on the AND, OR rules.
  • Layout Action - Select ‘Add Task’ to execute certain actions when conditions are met.

It opens the ‘Add Tasks’ window. Here add the following,

  • Give a title for tasks.

  • Click ‘Add Field’ in Set Field Values.

  • Select the fields, and choose the field availability in the module. You can select ‘Make Field Mandatory’, or ‘Make Field Read Only’, ‘Hide Field’ or ‘SUM’.

  • You can add as many fields by using the ‘Add Field’ button.

  • To delete one field, simply tap the delete icon of the appropriate field.

  • Finally click Save.