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SugarCRM Duplicate Merger

SugarCRM Duplicate Merger allows you to prevent duplicate records entering into your CRM data. It works on the principle of Find and Merge rule, which helps to maintain your CRM data clean without a single duplicate in your CRM. It periodically detects all your duplicates based on your cron time without any manual intervention. Sugar Duplicate Merger gives complete control over the find and merge action.


  • Grab your package from My Account page and unzip the downloaded zip file. You will find to folders Import and Install.
  • Login to your SugarCRM, click on the Admin → Developer Tools → Module Loader.
  • Upload the Sugar_Duplicate_Merger.Zip inside the Import folder and click on Install button to install your package.
  • Once you installed successfully, move the file(find it in the Install folder) to your SugarCRM root folder and unzip it.

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