Payroll Setup

OrangeHRM Version

The payroll module works exclusively with the OrangeHRM. If you have not already installed OrangeHRM or need any help on the Orange HRM, please refer to the documentation in the URL OrangeHRM versions

Installation of Payroll Module

  • Make sure that ionCube loader is enabled in your server. Payroll for OrangeHRM requires ionCube Loader version of 4.4 or higher. If not enabled, download the appropriate ionCube Loader version.
  • Ensure essential backups are made before proceeding installation.
  • We have made some core file changes to implement addition of employee salary components for each each employee. So make sure you take backup of these 3 files if you have purchased Premium or developer edition.
    1. symfony / plugins / orangehrmPimPlugin / lib / dao / SalaryComponentEmployeeSectionDao.php
    2. symfony / plugins / orangehrmPimPlugin / modules / pim / actions / viewSalaryListAction.class.php
    3. symfony / plugins / orangehrmPimPlugin / modules / pim / templates / viewSalaryListSuccess.php
  • Add plugin name smackPayroll and smackLoan in settings.yml. Go to (/symfony/apps/orangehrm/config/settings.yml). Search for enabled_modules: and add smackPayroll and smackLoan to the list at the end.
  • Copy and untar Payroll.tar.gz in the OrangeHRM root directory.
  • Run the Product-Installer.php via browser (http://your-domain/orangehrm/Product-Installer.php) to create required table entries and remove the Product-Installer.php file.
  • Clear HRM and browser cache. Log out and Login in again to use the Plugin.

Add Cron entry:

** * * * wget -o /dev/null -q -O /dev/null

http://[domain]/ScheduledPayRun.php 2>&1

You can refer the CRON entry in different servers.


Payroll for OrangeHRM module can be handled only by the Administrator, but the module is more flexible and it can be extended to give access permissions to your employee based on their role.
You can refer Hacking into the OrangeHRM to give access permission to the user with other roles.