Get your Google keys

Our integration works securely with Google Client ID, Secret, and API key.

  • Login to Developer Console.

  • In the project dropdown, choose your preferred project or create a new project.
  • Click on Credentials in the left-hand side menu.
  • Now navigate to the 0Auth consent screen. Now add your Application Name and your Domain Name on which your CRM is running. Finally, click on Save.
  • Go to the Credentials tab Click on Create credentials Choose 0Auth client ID.
  • Choose Web Application in the Application Type and add the Name.

  • Now add your CRM URL in the Authorized JavaScript origins.

  • And now add Authorized redirect URL. You can get this from our integration.

  • Finally, click on Create. Once done, you will get your Client ID and Secret.
  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret and use it.
  • Again click on Credentials. Choose API Key. Copy the key and add in your CRM.