SugarCRM Duplicate Check

Maintain your CRM data more clean without any redundancy. Duplicate Check for SugarCRM, arrests duplicate information entering into your SugarCRM with instant pop up alerts. Choose any field(Core and customer fields of your SugarCRM) as unique to spot the duplicate records.


  • Visit My Account page and get your Duplicate Checker package.
  • In your SugarCRM, click the Admin menu in the top right corner.
  • Now scroll down to the Developer Tools section and click on Module Loader.
  • Browse the and click Upload and Install.
  • Finally, click on Commit to complete the installation.


To get instant alerts for duplicates, you have to configure the module and select the fields based on which the duplicates are spotted. SugarCRM Duplicate Checker detects duplicates in five different modules of your SugarCRM such as Contacts, Leads, Accounts.

To Configure, click on the Admin menu in the top right corner -> Duplicate Check Section(you can find it at the end) click Duplicate Check Settings.

Duplicate Check Rule for

  • Choose any one of a SugarCRM module for which you need to enable Duplicate check.


  • You can enable or disable duplicate checking for the modules.

Configured Field Rule

  • Select the fields based on which you are notified for the duplicate entries.

The above setup checks for duplicates in the same module, to check across modules enable the For CrossCheck checkbox. Cross module check works based on the Mobile number and Email ID fields for Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules.

  • Click on save to complete the configuration.

Alert Message when detects duplicates

When you add a new information in your SugarCRM, the SugarCRM Duplicate Checker checks all the existing data and instantly pops out an alert if the newly entered information is already exist.



Configuration: For Contacts module with the Mobile Number field.

Consider adding a new data in the Contacts Module, once youve added the mobile number in the new record the Duplicate Checker for SugarCRM start checking all the mobile numbers of all the existing records of Contacts module and instantly pops out an alert if a duplicate mobile number is detected.

If youve enabled the For CrossCheck checkbox, then Duplicate Check for SugarCRM also checks the Mobile number of Leads and Accounts module and instantly pops out an alert if and duplicate is detected.