Configuration Editor

Joforce Configuration Editor, lets you to set a unique Helpdesk Support Name and Email. This feature helps you to communicate with your prospects from a ingle support channel. Joforce automatically sends out email, whenever a new ticket is Created, Exchange of comments and Status as Closed.

Configuring the help desk info

Follow the below steps to configure your Helpdesk details in Joforce. You can configure the helpdesk name, email, maximum file size upload and more.

  • Click on the Profile icon → Settings → Navigate to the Configuration section → Configuration Editor → Edit button in the top right

  • Add the below values

    • Helpdesk Support Email-Id

    • Helpdesk Support Name

    • Maximum Upload Size - Represents the highest possible file size 5 MB. You can add your value that should be less than or equal to 5

    • Default - Choose the module from the dropdown that you like to view as soon as you login to your Joforce.

    • Maximum text length in List View - Lets you to configure the number of characters or integer to be displayed in the list view module.

    • Maximum entries per page in the List View - Represents the number of records to be displayed on the list view.
  • Once completed, hit save.