Introduction to Gmail Addon for VtigerCRM

Vtiger Gmail Addon Integration is a simple addon to track, add, and manage customer data from Vtiger CRM inside gmail.

Gmail Addon Integration for Vtiger CRM allows you verify and manage your gmail contacts/emails with your Vtiger CRM info. This will ease up your customer relationship management without missing any of your daily email communication. It is tough to manage multiple platforms along with daily workloads. Integrating these platforms in a single interface helps a lot to manage these records efficiently to improve business.

Vtiger Gmail Addon Pre-requisites

  • Vtiger CRM version 7.*

  • GraphQL is must, should download the module and install it in vtiger

  • Vtiger Details

    1. Vtiger CRM URL (should be a public domain or IP)

    2. Vtiger Login – Username and password