Getting started

To get started, you need to install the GraphQL module in Vtiger CRM.

Steps to install GraphQL module

Follow the below steps and install GraphQL in Vtiger CRM.

  • Start with downloading the module from link

  • Login your Vtiger CRM as an admin.

  • Go to CRM settingsModule ManagementModules

  • Here click on the Import Module from Zip at the top right corner of the page.

  • Enable the checkbox if you agree to install the module.

  • Click on Select from my computer and upload the downloaded module from your desktop.

  • Then click on ImportImport now to install the module in your Vtiger CRM.

  • Once completed, verify the installation by viewing the module under Module Management in Vtiger CRM.

Addon installation in Gmail

Install the Gmail addon for Vtiger CRM in your Gmail by going through these steps.

  • Login and open your Gmail Inbox.

  • Select Get Add-ons (plus icon) below the addons listed on the right side of your Gmail.

  • It'll pop up the GSuite Marketplace window.

  • Search for the ‘Gmail Addon for VtigerCRM’ addon.

  • Select INSTALL >> continue to install the addon in your Gmail.

  • Once you have successfully installed, close the Marketplace window.

  • Now you can see the addon added in the right sidebar.