Cloud Computing Health care App

Expanding the experience using an application to store and retrieve health care data from the cloud.

Project Overview

Like any other industry, the healthcare sector also witnessing a faster growth fueled by a constantly growing population. The demand to deliver high-quality medical services and increased focus on patient centricity brings the need to store and manage all the health care information more efficiently. So that the health care organizations can instantly get all the required information and offer a proactive solution. With this motive, an Australian based client approached Smackcoders for a solution to effectively tackle the above issue.

Our Approach

Our expert team decided to go with Cloud Storage. As Cloud computing satisfies all their requirements. Rather than maintaining multiple folders full of critical works on your own local system, in cloud we can store all health care data in one place. Also, you can access them from any device at any time.

The Challenge

Despite the benefits of having healthcare information on the cloud, there are some gaps still remains:

Now we have stored the massive volume of information in the cloud. But this makes the data retrieval process more complex with increased latency. And one can’t give access to everyone in the healthcare organization to access the information in the cloud.

Our solution

To overcome this effect, our team designed an interface that connects the cloud and the people of the healthcare industry.

The Health Care App includes different role based access permission to access the cloud information. Also, we have added different & advanced search filters to decrease the latency time thereby increasing the efficiency of the HealthCare Organization.

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