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Looking for ways to automatically capture your website visitor info into your Zoho CRM? Even though many automation has come, still many businesses rely on manual data entry. One such manual data entry work is entering the webform information into the CRM. However you may automatically get the webform info over email, it is equally necessary to capture the same in CRM. As most of the businesses today, use CRM to efficiently manage their sales process. In this article, we will share with you how you can automate this process with Leads Builder for CRM plugin.

Grow your Zoho CRM with more Potential Leads from WordPress

Business experts know the fact that leads are very essential to achieve sales. If you have more Leads in your hands, then you’ll receive more sales in your business. But how will you capture Leads that are useful for your business? Chill out. Leads Builder for CRM, a lead capturing plugin helps you grow your CRM with more potential leads. Below are the six amazing features of Leads Builder for ZohoCRM that includes everything to enhance your business sales.


Capture Website Visitors info inside Zoho CRM

Leads Builder for CRM enables you to create new forms to capture your visitor’s info inside ZohoCRM or you can use existing web forms created with Contact Form 7, Ninja form and Gravity form. It directly captures all your leads and contacts info inside your Zoho CRM. With the “Assign Leads to User” option you can assign these new leads to your salesperson consecutively.


Say “No” to duplicate Leads

Leads Builder gives you complete control over duplicates. You can skip/update/create duplicate leads in Zoho CRM. With Google Captcha support in Leads Builder, you can maintain your CRM with spam-free leads. For this, enable the ‘Google Captcha’ option in Form settings and provide the public and private keys of your Google Recaptcha.


Sync your WordPress Users

With Leads Builder, you can sync your existing WordPress users to CRM as leads or contacts. And also, you can sync your custom user fields created with plugins like ACF or WP-Members or MemberPress. To set up these features, use the ‘WP User sync’ tab in Leads Builder for CRM.


Regain abandon cart users

By integrating your e-commerce website, you can capture the abandoned cart users as leads in CRM. As a result of a successful purchase, Leads Builder automatically converts them as contacts inside CRM. You can find out this option in the “Ecom Integration’ section to auto-convert your e-commerce leads to contacts.


Track Customer activities in WP Leads Builder for CRM

Leads Builder for CRM gives you a detailed report of your customers’ behavior. So you can easily track every event of your customers like time spent on each page, page navigation, number of successful orders, abandon cart customers details, etc., You can view this report under the “Customer Insight” section.

Get logs of sync

Receive email notification inside the inbox on the success and failure of leads and contacts sync. You can configure your email account in the ‘Form Settings’. After the success and failure of form submission, you can redirect your customers to the desired page. Include the page URL in ‘Form Options’ when you create a new lead or contact form.

Getting Started with Leads Builder

Once you’re ready with your WordPress website, just go ahead and install the WP Leads Builder Plugin.

Step 1 - Connect your Zoho CRM

The very first step is to connect Zoho CRM with your WordPress website. For this, visit the ‘Leads Builder for Any CRM’ plugin menu in the WordPress dashboard, you will get the ‘CRM Configuration’ page. Choose the appropriate i.e. Zoho CRM option from the dropdown.

Now you need to add the necessary info of your Zoho CRM like Client ID, Client Secret and provide the authorized redirect URLs.
Once done with this, Click on ‘SAVE AND AUTHENTICATE’ to successfully connect your CRM and website.

Create Webforms

You can navigate to the CRM Forms tab and start designing your webforms. Leads Builder lets you create your own Lead and Contact form or you can use any one of your Existing webforms of Contact Form 7, Gravity Form and Ninja Form.

Lead/Contact Form

Click on the ‘Create Lead Form’ or ‘Create Contact From’ to create forms based on CRM Leads or Contacts module. Initially configure the Form Options settings.

You can also easily convert this new form as your new existing form. To do so,

Once done, click on ‘Save Form Settings’. Now Choose the form fields to be added to your webforms. All the appropriate CRM fields are displayed below the Form options, you can choose the necessary values to be included in your form. Now you have successfully created your webform and a short code will be automatically generated.

Existing webforms

To use one of your existing webforms, click on the Use Existing Webform. You will get a popup that includes fields like,

The Existing form fields are displayed and you can map this with the appropriate CRM field.

Publish the Form

Now Copy the generated Short Code and Paste it in the appropriate place i.e. Post or Page or Widget, then publish it.

Free Zoho crm integeration for WordPress

Lead capture system is not a tough process as some people think it is. This makes the difference between normal and better lead generation ,our Zoho CRM Integrator for WordPress plugin captures leads from form page/post and contacts from user registration to Zoho CRM directly from WordPress.


WP Zoho CRM, a simple, advanced, easy to setup Zoho CRM webform generator for WordPress. It helps you to generate a webform via a user friendly plugin interface which in turn is used as a contact form to convert your traffic/visitors as high potential leads to Zoho CRM.

Features in Free version

Click Here to Read More or Download WP Zoho CRM Integrator Free Plugin.

What’s next? Your Zoho CRM is ready to capture all your Leads/ Contact info. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Our Leads Builder for CRM pro version plugin includes more awesome features, use this link to explore our pro plugin. Having any queries, do lets us know via our email [email protected]

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